Detail Associates, Inc. (DAI) is an international multi disciplinary environmental engineering firm. Through strategic management techniques DAI provides solutions to complex environmental problems with anticipation of future concerns.

Established in 1980, DAI is an independent New Jersey-based corporation. It provides services to a full range of clients ranging from industrial, commercial, real estate, financial, service, construction and development as well as the governmental agencies and private dwellings.

Total environmental quality management (TQM) and risk assessment studies are conducted from initial surveys, project design and technical specifications as well as overall project management. The assessments are conducted in accordance with the ISO 14000 requirements preparing the facility for the ISO worldwide certification.

Remedial engineering specifications for site clean up, groundwater, wastewater, soil, solid waste, and air quality issues are resolved through implementation of both cost effective and socially responsible programs. Air emission studies utilize the principals of RACT (Reasonably Available Control Technology), BACT (Best Available Control Technology), LAER (Lowest Achievable Emission Rates) and MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology). Pollution prevention programs and waste minimization studies are set up to achieve competitive advantage. It is recognized that pollution prevention and profits are not mutually exclusive. Cleanups and end-of-the-pipe solutions are being replaced by the virtual elimination of waste from industrial processes.

DAI through itís experience and professional expertise assures its clients effective solutions that combine environmental protection and ensure solid profits that combine environmental protection with economic progress and social acceptability for each project.

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